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mercredi 25 février 2009


Le communiqué de presse des syndicats européens sur le succès des manifestations HP-EDS est dans les commentaires avec le résumé des actions qui ont eu lieu en Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Espagne, France, Hollande, Hongrie, Italie, Suède, UK... du 29 janvier au 10 février.
Et aussi à nouveau en Allemagne le 25 février, le 2 mars et le 4 mars au Cebit (voir commentaires).
Vidéos pour l'Allemagne :
Nouveau :
Manifestation HP-EDS au Cebit (4 mars) extranet ou

14 commentaires à lire:

CFTC HP a dit…

HP/EDS “frozen day” was a success throughout Europe

The second European action day jointly organized by UNI-Europa and the EMF
throughout the continent to protest against HP/EDS restructuring plan, and its
consequent salary freeze, benefit cuts and redundancies proved to be a success. The
action was named “frozen day” in reference to the announced salary freeze.

In Germany, actions were organized in virtually all locations with staff meetings
reaching 100% participation in certain places. More than 900 employees gathered in
Rüsselsheim while the Bremen steelworks account was left empty. Workers in
Ludwigsburg used their lunch break to meet with their colleagues in Böblingen to discuss
the situation.

Smaller meetings also attracted a lot of interest as the one in the Sal Oppenheim
subsidiary. In Schweinfurt, IT employees from the former SKF even gave a hand to their
colleagues to organise the demonstration. Under the motto “Yes to HP, but only if
everyone is included” the action day received very good press and TV coverage in the

Unfortunately, EDS management refused negotiations for a collective bargaining
agreement on job security, safeguarding of current terms and conditions of employment
and pay increase. On the contrary, they threatened the workers’ council with the closure of other locations. This lead ver.di and IG Metall to call for a joint strike at 14 German sites on February 10th.

This action was supported by Spanish colleagues from EDS group of Comisiones
Obreras (CCOO COMFIA) who sent a solidarity letter in which they declare that “such a
reduction of labor entails dangerous levels of stress among workers and jeopardizes the
quality of service provided to customers and thus the business of this company”.

In France, a major demonstration was organised on January 29th in different cities. It proved to be very uniting since workers from HP, IBM and EDS walked together under a common banner to fight the antisocial policies of their employers with all trade unions involved. The strike got very good media coverage with a major French TV relaying the event in Paris.

In Belgium, a protest was held on Friday morning in front HP building in Diegem
addressing a number of open issues (workforce reduction, salary freeze, EDS integration,
social plan ...). Delegations from HP CDS, EDS and other HP sites joined to form a group
of 200 people. In the afternoon a meeting which was agreed prior to action took place
between union reps and HP management and resulted in an agreement on the HP social

In the UK, tech workers asked for “no compulsory redundancies” while union members
demonstrated outside the company site in Bristol. The union Unite said the “credit
crunch is not the problem. Short termist greed is the issue”.

Two strikes were organised at HP/EDS Italy during January in cities like Milan, Rome
and Bari. Although the participation rate reached 95% in certain cases, management
didn’t react.

More than 160 employees from HP and EDS jointly attended, physically or by phone, a
one hour meeting held by HP management in Austria after an action day took place at
HP’s headquarters in the country. Both EDS and HP’s works councils decided to work
together in order to solve common issues on frozen salaries, bonuses and allowances.

When it comes to Sweden, HP corporate management announced that the firm will cut
compensations and benefits but the bonus programs are maintained. The Swedish Union
Unionen can't accept this state of fact and is asking to meet with the management in
order to discuss bonus programs, the use of external consultants and the maintenance of
employment benefits.

As for the Netherlands, the union FNV Bondgenoten is examining the reduction plans
after a satisfactory agreement was reached regarding a social plan and expressed its full
solidarity with all the above mentioned actions.

Finally, it has also to be said that workers in Hungary are suffering job losses due to the
closure of several EDS centres in the country.
EMF is the representative body defending the interests of workers in the European metal
UNI-Europa is the European trade union organisation for skills and services.
For further information please contact:
Isabelle Barthès, EMF Policy Advisor on Company Policy +32(0)2 227 10 12
Gerd Rohde, UNI-Europa + 41 792 02 19 28

CFTC HP a dit…


11th February 2009

Secc.Sindical grupoEDS

In solidarity with colleagues in Germany and in defense of work in Europe.

The Section of EDS group of Comisiones Obreras (CCOO COMFIA) expressed its
solidarity with the workers at EDS and HP in Europe and the mobilizations in defense
of their jobs. In particular we support the actions taken today, February 10th at EDS /
HP locations in Germany.

The manpower reduction provided by HP / EDS in all European countries means that
one every four jobs is at risk in Europe.

Such a reduction of labor entails dangerous levels of stress among workers and
jeopardizes the necessary quality of service provided to customers and thus the business
of this company.

We plead for dialogue solutions and the necessary defense of the human factor. In a
company like this the main value comes from the people.

A good company is a company that creates jobs, not who replaced the quality jobs by
others with poorer working conditions.
Secc.Sindical grupoEDS

Anonyme a dit…


on ne sait pas où on en est en France, vu le dernier message de YDT et EL reçu cet après-midi, plutôt plat inconsistent et pas de visibilité sur le planning et les prochaines étapes

un de vos articles ci-dessus mentionne un plan social en Hollande, s'agit-il d'un plan avec indemnités équivalentes à leur précedent plan?
y a t'il donc un accord de la Corp pour des plans sociaux en europe?
merci !!

Anonyme a dit…

il semble que le frozen friday est fondu corps et bien, total silence radio sur le sujet. HP n'est jamais ( ou presque) mentioné dans les pertes d'emplois...chercher l'erreur.

Anonyme a dit…

580 suppressions sur 300 000 en France prévues cette année, il y en a qui se croient le centre du monde... cherchez l'erreur

Anonyme a dit…

9:12 sur ce blog, la réponse est oui. Pas d'erreur.

CFTC HP a dit…

pour 17h01, pas d'annonce de plan autre que les 24 600 liées au rachat d'EDS. On verra avec les annonces Q1 et Q2 si il y a des suppressions "crise financière", auquel cas on reparlera d'HP dans le chapitre suppression d'emplois, malheureusement.

Mark Hurd on workforce reduction in transcript of CEO employee interview (09.02.09):

"I think as it relates to many other dimensions of HP, it is not my instincts to go create big peanut-butter layoffs. I've never been a believer in that. I believe you have to be more precise in looking at business models, how they compete and how they win. And so for us, I think we will take extraordinary actions, as we have, to try to keep our strategy in place as long as we can.

Now, I can't tell you how bad this economy is going to get, if it gets worse than what we're modeling, and so therefore, we'll have to keep all of our options open. But we'll continue to look for ways--by the way, that are painful--to reduce our cost, but keep the strategy of the company intact. And a big part of that is our talented people. So the thought that says, let's go reduce our headcount by X so that we can get through this, only to rehire when the market is in a different spot doesn't sound like a very sensible strategy. By the way, it's a very expensive strategy long run as well."

CFTC HP a dit…

GE CEO Immelt won't get bonus in 2008

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt won't get a bonus in 2008, and he is declining the entire $11.7 million earned under his long-term performance award, the industrial bellwether said in a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission. GE's Management Development and Compensation Committee "accepted Mr. Immelt's proposal as appropriate recognizing that, although the company delivered a strong operational performance in 2008, this performance was not reflected in GE's stock price."

Anonyme a dit…

Avec les annonces de MH sur Total Rewards qui viennent de tomber ce soir... on va encore bien s'amuser... vive la crise !...

CFTC HP a dit…

Les négociations se poursuivent concernant les licenciements chez EDS Belgique. Au début, 300 départs avaient été annoncés sur 1.500 mais ce chiffre a été ramené à 254. Actuellement, moins de 200 personnes ont été licenciées. (belga)

CFTC HP a dit…

CFTC HP a dit…

Latest news on activities in the UK in response to the announcement of a proposed cuts to base pay at EDS/HP:

PCS is organising members meetings at all major sites. The following have so far been organised:
- Lythym St Annes (North West England) - 3rd march
- Cobalt House, Newcastle - 4th March
- Durham House - 5th of March
- Hallamshire Business Park, Sheffield - 6th March
- Matrix House, Swansea - 9th March
The plan is to galvanise members over the proposal at these meetings and increase further our network of volunteer activists.

In Germany. EDS colleagues continue fighting for a company agreement.
A 2nd warning strike took place on 25 February with 1.200 colleagues in Böblingen and Ratingen.
Employees from UK and Spain did not accept the transfer of work at that day.
A 3rd warning strike will take place the 4th of March at the computer fair CEBIT in Hannover.

On 2 March, a special action took place in Rüsselsheim while management tried to explain the economic reason for 1.400 announced dismissals.
Watch also the video on youtube:

Here the message translated by Udo Verzagt (EDS EWC chair):

How long will 1.400 take? - Reinhold Schmitt from EDS Leuna showed us....
Dear Colleagues,
Within a grand and overwhelming action our colleague Reinhold Schmitt demonstrated what the figure 1.400 means in front of the EDS buildings in Rüsselsheim at February 26th.
As monition for management and signal of his protest against the announced measurements and
for his location Leuna , which should be closed down and
for us all, he stroke 1.400 times the tibetan gong, one strike for each foreseen dismissal.

He started early in the morning at 6:30 and reached 700 first strike at 13:00 o' clock. He finished the 1.400 shortly before 18:00 o' clock. In spite of the nasty-windy-cold weather he don't give up, but borne up for over 10 hours. All day long a lot of colleagues joined him to face this long distance. We are impressed by his effort and send this video to you to get an impression, how it sounds and feels:

We have been sold on your action,
Thank You, Reinhold

CFTC HP a dit…

Pour info…. La video du journal Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) dure 4' mais ca vaut la peine de voir…

Le flash mob sur le stand de HP !

Les salaries grevistes de EDS Allemagne arrivent au CeBit… apres 5h de bus… (Frankfurt - Hannover) et comme ils n'ont pas ete autorises par le centre de congres a entrer, ils ont un stand a l'exterieur
… puis enclanchent le plan B: avec des tickets individuels ils rentrent, se promenent et a 14h15…lancent une flash mob autour et sur le stand HP…. tout le secteur (3 alles autour du stand) est bloque pendant 15 minutes, avec le flyer "HP detruit des jobs"

Commentaires de soutien de visiteurs…

Anonyme a dit…

Pour faire suite au message (13) c'est quoi le lien pour accéder à la vidéo sur le site du journal Hessischer Rundfunk.
D'avance merci

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